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Top 11 of 2011 RESULTS. Rawkin’ new year to you all!

Results are in, guys. The poll has now been shut and I shall reveal all this instant! Some of the top 11 albums are ones I personally expected to appear up there, but… Continue reading

White Lies – 17/12/11 Wembley Arena

Harry McVeigh’s smile is priceless. As they timidly enter the stage, the fans go absolutely mental. Following the two support acts – the Chevin and Duke Spirit, everyone is well warmed up and… Continue reading

Engineering is a White Lie.

So whilst a bunch of my friends had the chance to meet The Holy Trinity #2 (White Lies, that is) at their Coventry show and my boyfriend actually getting the chance to grab… Continue reading

I’m Not Looking For a Holy Ghost!

After a long, hard week of hardcore partying and celebrating Matthew Bellamy’s birthday (not really, no) I make the long-awaited return to my blog, where an apology from me is in order! This… Continue reading

“Strangers” is strange.

I love White Lies with all my heart (and possibly more). I understand that they can be difficult to understand. They stray from the “normal”. They sometimes don’t make sense. Or maybe they… Continue reading

I Hope You… Remember Me!

If you have been reading my blog, you may or may not remember my mentioning of going to a White Lies gig in London, back in February. Well that never happened. I had a… Continue reading


Hi! I haven’t written for a few days, so I thought I’d freshen this blog up a little (: For the past week or so, my thoughts have been revolving around one, certain… Continue reading

MUSE – Wembley Stadium 11/09/10

  So. I’m sitting here, thinking “What can I write about?” So I thought – ah! I could do some gig reviews! And since Muse are my favourite band ever ever EVER, it… Continue reading