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Muse – ‘Madness’ BBC1 premiere

Please excuse the abundance of Muse on here lately, but they keep releasing material that I keep having mixed opinions about. Here’s another one. I promise this will be quick. I think it’s… Continue reading

Muse – “Survival” BBC1 world premiere.

Cheese. Lots and lots and lots of parmezan; Survival is a cheese fest! But what do you know, you can never have too much of the stuff. I think the fact that Twitter… Continue reading

Better Off Dead – Lostprophets [MP3]

Random splash of excitement in my life: the blog has almost reached 6k views! Perhaps not as spectacular an achievement as some other bloggers achieve, but an achievement nonetheless. Thanks guys ^^ For… Continue reading

Guitars on the Lowe…

Before I even begin writing this entry, I should like to apologise for yet another insight into the world of NME… My blog is starting to look like a cheap rip-off of that… Continue reading