Theories, Sixes and Degrees.

Gee, the more exams I have, the more I blog. If only my mind functioned correctly…

The reason I’m writing this time is because I realised I haven’t posted much about new and upcoming bands in my recent posts; it just so happens that one group caught my ear today and I really feel like sharing!

Just four lovely lads from Surrey, trying to make it big amongst the ocean of established chart topping sharks. They appear to follow the theory that functions on the basis of six degrees -whatever that means. Their name, you ask? The Theory Of 6 Degrees.

Playing at Trafalgar Square this April.

With an average age of mere 14 Christmases, you’d think the boys are just another bunch of immature wannabes. You couldn’t be more wrong. Frankly, being the youngest band EVER to play at Glasto is quite an achievement, if you ask me. It’s easy to see why they’ve been this successful within younger audiences: they write catchy songs, are bursting with talent, are young and – oh whatever – they’re friggin cute, alright? (Damn, I promised myself not to perv on younger guys…)

Eheh but no, in all seriousness, Scott, Joe, Jack and Sam are simply a handful of homegrown guys who want to get to the top by themselves. They’re your standard definition of indie rock, with clear influences of You Me At Six and All Time Low. But even if you’re not a fan of all that American emo bambashazzle, don’t be put off! You might like them.

Yes, even if you’re not a 13 year old girl. I’d recommend “I Can’t See It” (find it HERE ) and “Come Alive” – quite infectious, on a sunny day.

Sam, Scott, Jack, Joe... I think.

Stalk them on Twitter ;D!/T6Degrees