Lucy Rose: ‘Like I Used To’

You may call her the humble princess of nu-folk, but Miss Lucy Rose is not to be taken for a defenceless, little voice of the background noise. The girl is armed with the power of… Continue reading

The Perfectest cover of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’.

I have found THIS and I’m in love. IN LOVE I SAY GODDAMIT.   Landon Austin, Luke Conard, Alex Goot. Get it on iTunes?

John Newman: ‘Tribute’

Swept away by the mania of revision and maths assignments, I haven’t been here for a while. This place is a little dusty… But wowee, this is my 150th post! I shall therefore… Continue reading

Sun, Sombrero and Santa. Hello 2014!

At the beginning of a new year, I normally quite like to give an overview on which potential new acts may experience the spotlight; talk about some new releases brewing up in the… Continue reading

Bringing 2013 To A Close.

Ho ho ho! Since all the radio stations are now whipping out the Christmas songs, my husband Michael Bublé has made his annual festive reappearance on every single TV show in existence and… Continue reading

Out Of The Warwick Bubble…

So, it has been a while. You guys remember that post I once wrote about my somewhat impromptu desire to become a physicist? Well, here I am! I am now at Warwick university,… Continue reading

Summertime sounds.

My friends, we meet again. I have decided to get past the prospect of a potentially embarrassing come-back after such a lengthy silence and write a little something, since for the first time… Continue reading

I’m Still Alive!

Hey, it’s been a while! Far too long a while, methinks. I promise I have not disappeared into the black hole in the centre of our galaxy just yet, although A-level exams may… Continue reading

Canterbury: ‘You Are The One’. Oh yes you are.

Rejoice! Canterbury are back in the studio! Christmas came early. Today, the guys have unveiled an appetite-whetting teaser of what is to be of their third studio album, unnamed as of yet and… Continue reading

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: ‘Sacrilege’

It’s been a while. Both since I last wrote (my apologies; I’ve been lacking inspiration lately) and since they’ve brought out any new material. Who? Those triple yeah’s that seem to have disappeared… Continue reading