Canterbury – “Saviour”

Here I am, writing another post to add to the pile of my Canterbury ramblings. I promised myself I’d stop constantly writing about these guys so as to not seem like a crazy fangirl. Though I guess that’s not far off. But I can’t help it.

In the grim world of music videos that can only be categorised as any the following: pointless, too extravagant, boring, unrelated, not funny, too high-budget, underbudget; “Saviour” flies out and away from all of those in a stop-motion rocket of awesomeness. It begins quirky, it ends quirky, it sustains quirkiness throughout. The contrast between Mike Sparks’ facial expressions and the intensity of the song, in addition to some casual hole-digging from the rest of the band in the background, is absolutely priceless!


This is the new single off their upcoming album, “Heavy In The Day“, which is out on July 9th. It’s gonna kick your ass to shreds, I promise.