The Adelines – “Little Games”

Fresh music, yay! This dose of freshness is brought to us by a four-piece who name themselves The Adelines – you probably haven’t heard of them. Thank me later.

Managed by none other than Does It Offend You Yeah?’s very own Bobby Bloomfield, The Adelines are bound to go far. There is currently just one track on offer to see what this band is about, but their upcoming single “Little Games” gives me enough of a taster to smell the brewing potential of this band. Overlapping, soft yet distorted guitars; a chorus with a mighty hook; tom-boyish vocals; honest lyrics. The Adelines have me on their side!

“Little Games” is out on 2nd July for free off their official website, – remember to grab Bobby’s free remix whilst you’re at it. They also have a string of shows lined up – so if you’re in the Cardiff region, you’re a winner!