Muse – “Survival” BBC1 world premiere.

Cheese. Lots and lots and lots of parmezan; Survival is a cheese fest! But what do you know, you can never have too much of the stuff.
I think the fact that Twitter timelines have exploded during the space of the last half hour speaks for itself. Musers are definitely the best fanbase, Zane Lowe says so 😉



The single itself, wow. Zane Lowe has literally just played a World exclusive of Muse’s “Survival” – one of the official songs for the 2012 Olympics. Upon first listen, you start doubting whether this is really Bellamy. Your doubts annihilate as soon as they come in contact with the ultra jazzy piano, very I Belong To You-esque. The rest of the song? THAT BASSLINE. “The lyrics are a bit poop”, as mentioned by one of my twitter followers and I can’t help but agree. But, yknow, they are simple, motivational… Exactly what is required of THE OFFICIAL OLYMPICS SONG?! You heard that right. OLYMPICS. Now if you’re not a pwoud Muser this very minute, I suggest you re-evaluate your existence.

EDIT:Here is le link from Zane’s show! CLICK TO LISTEN

The 2nd Law is out in September 2012. Don’t die before you hear it; die WHEN you hear it