The Villagers: ‘The Waves’

Wow. Definitely not the usual material we’re used to from doe-eyed Conor O’Brien and his Dublin band. ‘The Waves‘ is a new single from The Villagers‘ sophomore album {Awayland}, which was released earlier this month, though I have not personally laid my hands on it at this moment in time. And the moment that I do will be my best musical moment of 2013 to date.



‘The Waves‘ itself though, wow, this is different! It carries a strong, pulsing rhythm from the very first, lone ‘bleep’ of the track, right through to the final minute where, admittedly, the mumbled and thick texture of the sound can easily result in a slight headache. Don’t take this the wrong way though; I think the song is brilliant. It just takes a couple of listens to fully appreciate the genius behind it! It’s that sort of crescendo running through it, how it begins so humble, almost guitar-less (something we’re not so used to from The Villagers), but builds up to a catchy chorus of “Look at the cars, look at the birds and all of these invented words“… yup, the quirky lyrics and the distinct, mellow timbre of Conor’s voice are still there and all doubts float away.

I’m really excited about the new album! It follows their debut. ‘Becoming A Jackal’, also the name of the leading single, which if you’ve not heard before, you have not lived! I’m quite surprised I’ve not written about this band before; they’re so real. I’m not sure how else to describe them. Real. I also personally prefer Conor’s acoustic version of ‘The Waves’ over the fully produced one but hey, that’s just a matter of opinion as, of course, both versions are incredible. Here, have a listen to both (: