I haven’t written for a few days, so I thought I’d freshen this blog up a little (:

For the past week or so, my thoughts have been revolving around one, certain band. They are a trio, they recently played at Wembley. No, they are not Muse. They are Fear of Flying. Or, they were Fear of Flying.

Now they go by the name of White Lies.

The band that said farewell to the fairground and told me to lose my life. (Failpunmuch? Also, whenever you see underlined text… that’s a LINK. To YOUTUBE. So CLICKCLICKCLICK!) But anyway, they have a new album coming out in exactly 5 days’ time! A follow up to 2009’s fantabulastic debut “To Lose My Life”, the new release will be called “Ritual” and is to be released on Monday. BBC Music says this about the upcoming album: “Broadening their musical palette with electronic touches and nods to Peter Hook’s bass style, Ritual’s references orbit very firmly around a lot of music made pre-1985″. Sounds great to me!

Of course, with the release of a new album, White Lies are being nice and lovely and are apparently doing a signing in Oxford Street’s HMV store on the day “Ritual” comes out! I would have loved to be able to say that I would be attending; however, for reasons unexplainable to my teenage brain, I can’t 😦 But life goes on.


The main single from the new album is called “Bigger Than Us”, with some interesting lyrics and also a particularly fantastic kid actor – come on, the boy deserves credit! But, as I was talking about the actual song, it still carries the same Killers-esque sound that WL have made their own, with melancholy lyrics trapped in a grand-sounding chorus; accompanied by a music video that in the strangest of ways brings back memories of E.T… Don’t believe me?

I apologise for the short length of this post; White Lies are a band that definitely deserve a longer spot on my blog 😥 I shall try to return with an actual review of their album, once I get my impatient hands on it!

Ciao for nao (: