TOP 10 OF 2010 revealed! :D

Here it is, the most anticipated post on this otherwise boring blog! What you’ve ALL been waiting for! I am about to reveal the Top 10 Of 2010 and put all you eager souls out of this deep suspense…

Alright, so almost 40votes have been cast (37 to be precise!) which sends my pride soaring sky-high! I didn’t quite expect that many people to vote :’D

ANYWAY. Let’s countdown from the number 10 spot!

Of course, not enough votes have been cast to fully determine which album should exactly go where, but I will use my better judgement and perhaps number them with a little bit of input from myself (:

Numero diez.

Sufjan Stevens – “The Age Of Adz”

Age of Adz.


Out of all the albums that had only one vote each, I had to pick one to be the last spot on the list. I have therefore gone with this masterpiece, simply because this man is pure GENIUS and I could not have left his beautiful creation out of this list.

This album is a little different to his previous works, clearly more electronical, yet the Sufjanesque melodies and the haunting voice remains! What lovely, quirky art. Here’s a song to download if yah wanna: “I Walked”. Warning: this may not be for every one! If this is the first time you’ve heard of Sufjan, you’d be better off starting with a song like Chicago (click to listen!), which was the first song I heard and loved it instantly! (:


Numero nueve

Surfing the Void.



Klaxons – “Surfing the Void”

Guitarsguitarsguitars! Following 2007’s “Myths Of The Near Future”, it was a bit of a break before the next album was released. Sadly, it meant that after a year or two I almost forgot that once upon a time I was quite a fan of this band. But then 2010 comes along and – bang, Surfing The Void is here, complete with a cat in an astronaut suit! As to what the peculiar and worryingly amusing to me artwork signifies – I am not too sure, but hey it’s a great record! Echoes is quite a beast of a track, listen to it. I dare you to.


Numero ocho.



“Hurts – Happiness”

Well PERSONALLY, I would have placed this rather 80’s-sounding duo nearer the top 3, but I guess your votes say otherwise! This fact alone represents the mixed reviews this album gets – some say it’s fantastic, others say it’s atrocious. Some people seem to not like the 80’s-synth style to it and say it sounds out of place in the 21st century – but isn’t that just what makes these guys brilliant? Alright, so some of the songs have shedloads of clichéd lyrics (the likes of “We say goodbye in the pouring rain, but I could never find the words to say: stay”), but the string of melancholy that runs through the album is quite touching, in a weird kind of way! The sound is BIG, (sorry, no other way to describe it!) and most songs are quite rhythmic; you should give Illuminated or Wonderful Life a try 😀 A modernized Depeche Mode! (well I say that, I don’t really listen to Depeche Mode, but the comparison is in pretty much every single review of the band and their sound, so if that’s what Depeche Mode sounds like – perhaps it’s worth getting into them?)


Numero siete.

MGMT – “Congratulations”


Not being an MGMT maniac, I don’t know whether this album is better or worse than the previous ones; but you guys seem to like it and therefore it takes spot number six! NME states that “it’s easy to see why on first listen people were racing to write this off as an unlikable, unapproachable record; it’s less of an album, more a collection of psychedelic highs strung together by very little indeed. It’s like listening to an inspired collection of outtakes by some classic damaged band – a catalogue of half-ideas, which, fully realised, could have been brilliant” – and, well, I find myself agreeing with this. All you MGMT fans will hate on me when I say that none of the tracks particularly jump out at me – sorry D: However, I must say that the title track itself, Congratulations, is quite a good song! (Well, most fans say it’s a masterpiece, so hey let’s go along with that!) It’s far from being a bad album though – I’m sure you guys see something more in it than the average listener sees; I apologise for being the average listener in this case D:


Numero seis.

“I Speak Because I Can”

I Speak Because I Can.


Laura’s simplicity is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong – the music is far from simple! What I mean is that when you first look at her, she just seems like another person in the crowd. Y’know, just another relatively pretty girl. But what an amazing girl! It’s a shame how underrated some fantastic artists are these days – no thanks to the likes of Gaga or Kesha (I will respectfully NOT use the pointless dollar sign >.<) – and I wish more people knew about Laura. I’m so glad you have voted this album to spot number 5, as even I didn’t vote for it x] When you first hear Rambling Man you think, “Wow this is just like replacing Marcus Mumford with Laura Marling!” – and in fact, it is common knowledge that Laura and Mumford & Sons are great friends, so I do wonder whether this song was recorded with Mr Mumford’s help. Please enlighten me? Also, please please pleeeaaase listen to Devil’s Spoke – it is such a great track and, bonus! – Marcus Mumford does in fact appear in the video a couple of times…


Numero cinco.

Tourist History.


“Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History”

Now, Spotify tells me that this album was released in 2009!? Whutisdis. But nevermind; Tourist History is such an epic debut album that this can just be swept aside! 😀 The overall upbeat tempo of the album starts with the very first track, Cigarettes In The Theatre, and stays right through to the end – perfect album to get yah groove on. It may, however, come as a surprise to you that such awesome sound is created by a humble 3-piece with a ginger lead singer that looks no older than 12… But looks aside, Alex Trimble has a flawless voice, which you can hear on this acoustic version of Something Good Can Work – note the xylophone x] As to comparisons with other bands; well, this band is pretty unique, IMHO. I mean, it’s difficult to find a band with a similar sound off the top of my head; however Spotify comes to my rescue and tells me that amongst “related artists” are the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club (why does everybody attend clubs!?) or The Drums. I shall hope that perhaps, maybe, one of those bands would be the support act for one of their March gigs at london 😀 So nice, British indie shiz. Personal favourite, though: Come Back Home. (:


Science and Faith.


Numero cuatro.

The Script – “Science and Faith”

Oh look who’s back; it’s The Script! “Science and Faith” – what a quality release; sadly, not quality enough to make it to the top three… But nevermind. The Script was one of those bands that were around in 2008, then disappeared completely under the face of the earth, just to re-emerge with a new album that is possibly even better than the debut (other artists being the Hoosiers, Kate Nash, Klaxons, you know what I mean; the era of 2007/2008 has returned!). But whilst none of those other artists make it into thw top 10 (apart from Klaxons), it is clear that The Script stands out from them with their (mostly!) relaxing sounds and stuff. I was never really fan enough to purchase their self-titled debut, but “Science and Faith” is slowly changing my perspective! What can you expect? At first glance, a relatively average album, but with well-crafted lyrics and safe-ground rhythms with some catchy hooks. Why do they remind me of Example? Standout tracks are perhaps For The First Time and the title track, Science And Faith.



Plastic Beach


Gorillaz – “Plastic beach”

Gorillaz are… peculiar. So is “Plastic Beach”. Being a remotely distant Gorillaz fan, I am finding it troublesome to write a worthwile review that actually makes sense! So I will go with my initial reactions to the songs…

Something I do know, though, is that this album is for proper chillaxation time! No throat-cutting lyrics; no worries. Somehow, I quite like the rap elements to this album and the titles alone can make you think, “whaa?”. I am talking about: “White Flag” (which features Bashy, Kano, and the National Orchestra for Arabic Music) – eh? Rappers and national arabic music?! I don’t what the hell it is supposed to be, but I’m loving it 😀 Or the ridiculously named Superfast Jellyfish” and its equally ridiculous sound x] Watching the video linked has actually made me grin like an overamused 5 year old… Ah well, amongst all the deep and depressing songs that one listens to, you’ve gotta find room for immaturity :’)






Delphic – “Acolyte”

The more mainstream side of the music industry is starved of jizzworthy music; fact. It therefore shouldn’t surprise anyone that Delphic just miss out on the top spot (by a minimal percentage!), as their debut album “Acolyte” delivers exactly what we need: jizzworthy music. I am not necessarily saying that Delphic are mainstream; I am saying that they are probably one of the more well-known alternative bands. Alternative? May be that’s the wrong genre. I don’t even KNOW what genre this album files under; let’s just leave it in the genre “awesome”! Not many artists successfully manage to mix synths, dance music, great lyrics, guitars, a LOT of drums and listenable vocals so well; even less artists are able to do just that from the very first song on the album, right through to the very last. “Clarion Call” opens the album and gives us a taster of what you are about to listen to – that’s providing you don’t drown in a pool of jizz in the process.

I am not over-exaggerating when I say that there is no bad song on the album. Each song, as expected on an album from any one band, is somehow similar, yet so very different. The first time I came across them was when I heard Halcyon on kerrang!, but I managed to miss out on what the song was called, or the name of the artist. You could NOT imagine my frustration during the following few days! …then I completely forgot about it x] But that aside, “Doubt” soon entered my ears and I realised this must be the same band. Whatdayaknow, I was right! And so glad too; it would be awful not to have heard of Delphic by now. And, as I said before, not a single bad song on the album, but a personal favourite has got to be “Acolyte” even before the you reach the one minute mark, you will have experienced multiple eargasms, which are then doubled then quadrupled then centupled by the time you reach 3 minutes… and that’s not even half-way through the song. Despite the lack of any distinguishable lyrics, the random choir-like echoes going on in the background send me chills and my brain is having a major rave. Mmm.


and the one… the ultimate…


Yes – you have guessed it: Pendulum – “Immersion”.



Indeed, a rather appropriately named MASTERPIECE that lets you immerse into its sheer brilliance. Pendulum make people feel good; so good! “Immersion” is indeed an album of goodness; an album of WOOP-ness; and album of hey-Pendulum-are-okay-wait-WHOAAA-i-love-Pendulum-ayayayaaaaaaaa-ness. When I say that this album has changed my perspective of looking at “drum’n’bass” forever, I do not lie. My brain had undergone a major change upon first hearing Watercolour; I had never thought I could enjoy it so much, as the genre is so far from the usual acoustic/indie malarkey my ears are used to. So you listen to the album, thinking “Okay, all these songs are brilliant…. what’s next?”, then you get to the centre-piece that goes by the name of “The Island”. Or, the eargasmic “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn)” and the utterly unexplainable The Island Pt 2 (Dusk)” if clicking on the links, PLEAAASE listen in HD and experience what devilish heaven sounds like in its full glory of HQ!

Other notable tunes from this notable album: “Salt in The Wounds” (hello again, “Slam”?) which is currently distracting me and urging me to have a little rave in my room. BRB.

And one that I’d always thought – and still think! – would sound IMMENSE on piano (just… not when I’m the one playing; that ruins it slightly… :|), “Witchcraft” . More on the dancey side with a killer riff! And the lyrics are incredible. And just everything about it >.<

Technically, I could write about every single song found on this album, but I won’t because I would soon run out of things to say and the repeated “GAH THIS STUFF IS AMAZING” would perhaps start to annoy you…

So, to me, THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. To others? – perhaps not so much. If you’ve been a fan for longer, you may have different opinions, I don’t know. You might be getting bored of the constantly similar riffs, tempos, whatever. The tracks on “Immersion” all seem to have an upbeat tempo and not for once do they slow down. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, I don’t know, for I guess this is Pendulum for goodness’ sake – Pendulum don’t do “slow”. Although, having said that… “Encoder”? That’s on the slower side…

I am proud of you, my friends :’) Somehow I suspected Pendulum would steal the top spot, it was clearly one of the more epic releases of 2010! thanks for voting (and reading, if you actually bothered with any of the crap I’ve written :L) but whatever, it was so much fun writing this up 😀 (even if it did take me 4 one-hour sessions… x] )

Keep on rawkin’ ;D