The Promise that looks promising.

Long time no see! I do apologise. I have no excuse worthy of your forgiveness, but still, I apologise….

Today, I shall write about another TV drama. Sorry if my blog is turning into some sort of TV reviewing crap…. but this is speshiaaal, as I am one of the lucky individuals who met the director himself ^^

His name is Peter Kosminsky, and the Channel 4 program goes by the name of The Promise. The first airing was last night, but there are more episodes to this intriguing 4-part drama serial which is based around the theme of the war between the Israels and the Arabs just after WW2 – so if you’re not into all that war malarkey, this might not be for you!

They're pretty similar. And pretty.

(But I must say that Christian Cooke, the actor who plays the main character’s grandfather when he was a soldier, is quite handsome ;D In the strangest of senses, he reminds me of Iwan Rheon – must be that jawline ❤ )

I won’t give too much away about the plot, but it involves an 18 year old girl and her friend who go to Israel, and she finds the diary of her grandfather, who used to serve in the war, blah blah. It made me realise just how little I know of the Eastern past. I mean, we all know about WW1 and 2, but are a little less informed of what went on in Palestine. Or at least, I seem to be less informed of that. Also, some drastic concentration camp imagery features during the first episode too – so avoid if you are faint-hearted!

Peter Kosminsky

About the director, then. He has produced quite a few titles up to today – not exactly blockbusters, but I’m sure they are quality films nonetheless – ever heard of Britz? nah probably not. but it is quite good, I must say (: We had the pleasure of having Peter Kosminsky speak to us Media Studies students last tuesday – and I must tell you, the guy looked nothing like a film director! Nor did he sound like one tbh… As if overwhelmed by tiredness, Mr Kosminsky spoke slowly. And swore frequently. Told us he hated the years he spent doing a degree in Chemistry at Oxford – because he hated chemistry. He’s worked on The promise for the last 7 years – and the result is finally here! What a weird individual. But an intriguing one! My media teacher, who is also my English teacher, seemed to be dangerously giddy though! But I guess having a film director’s mobile number may be a reason to be a little excited x]

I guess I won’t babble on too much – but please, do check out The Promise on 4OD – it is rather awesome (: And watch it this Sunday, 9pm, on Channel 4 (Y)