Space…. 1969. Self-confessed maniac speaks!

The legs… the nose… and Mrs Robinson. Annoyed at having missed Saturday’s first episode of the new series, I rightfully decided to catch up with Doctor Who today. I am also more confused than I have ever been. Fez, anyone?

But before you continue reading this post, may you be warned that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! In fact….

Amy and Rory and Dr Riversong and some random fisherman receive blue invitations to nowhere, middle of. They meet the Doctor, he is murdered by some weird astronaut who appeared from nowhere on a beach, he dies at age 1103, they burn his body with the gasoline provided by the random fisherman, they meet the Doctor again but it turns out he’s the young version of the Doctor, and the Doctor is confused, and he’s young and 909 years old and doesnt trust anyone and they go to the year 1969 and they land in the US President’s office and he’s confused and theres a call from a little girl and she’s scared and they go save her but there are these weird alien moster things but when you look away you forget them but then you look again and theyre there and they go down this tunnel and Rory supposedly gets attacked but upstairs Amy tells the Doctor she’s pregnant but then this astronaut appears and its the little scared girl and Amy shoots her and the game.

The Legs and the Who.

I am ASTONISHED at how complex this plotline is! I mean, who would be able to write such twisted and frumbling (yeah no, that’s not a word…) scenarios; what BRAINWAVES are their brains transmitting on!? It’s absolutely GENIUS and I am grateful for such awesome programs still being produced :’D

*Ahem* anyway, apologies for the un-musicness of this post, I just can’t contain my excitement for the next series ^^ To make up for that though, I NEED to share with you my discovery of a certain dude, who is so cool like. His youtube channel: charlieissocoollike, his band is called “The Chameleon Circuit” and they sing songs abour DOCTOR WHO.. :’D It’s not everyday you find a guy who is: a Dr Who maniac, cute, musical, a nerd, and just so cool like ;D

This is one of the many songs about Dr Who by The Chameleon Circuit – please please please watch this vid, its actually brilliant ^^