A Good Man Goes To War.

THE 6TH. OF JUNE. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. It means THIS.ย Now, I haven’t pre-ordered Suck It And See, so in order to get my hands on a copy, I shall have to make the effort of actually going to a shop, which meams it may take a few days for me to actually get a hold of the album – and no, I refuse to make a digital purchase; albums are things that need to be owned physically! Might (okay, definitely will!) do some sort of review, I promise ๐Ÿ˜€

In other exciting news though, many of you may already be acquainted with a TROCK band that goes by the name of Chameleon Circuit (I mentioned them before, once upon a time), whom unfortunately I wasn’t able to see during their listening party thing on the 4th June. Fortunately though, some of my friends did, and as compensation for my sky-high jealousy, I will soon be an owner of their signed debut album!! It doesn’t quite match the reality of meeting Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Michael Aranda or Liam Dryden ย – was Ed there? Either way, it sounds like it must have been SUCH an exciting day for any DW/CC fan; I am kicking myself for having to be at work that day!

Chameleon Circuit, courtesy of Ria Chaudry!

Speaking of DR Who though – WHAT a finale. After Saturday’s episode, my head was full of more questions than answers and I was left in a confused daze at dinner that evening, where my mum actually had to ask me if everything was alright. Well, no. Everything wasn’t alright! When your mind ponders on gazillions of questions simultaneously, everything is not alright!

1) So was Amy actually Amy during the last few episodes? If not: since WHEN was she not Amy? Was she actually on the tardis?

2) Why did the baby turn to flesh? That’s when River appeared (obviously River WAS the baby) but why flesh!?

3) Was the fact that the baby was spawned inside the tardis the reason for River’s timelord ability?

4) What was that thing about that other girl, whom the Doctor apparently visited when she was little?

5) So there were lots of people whom the Doctor had visited before – what made Amy special? Is it that she was the future mother of River?

6) Is there something between the Doctor and River? I’d always thought it, but that now seems a little weird and I am now a little confused…

7) The eyepatch woman said that they’d use the baby as a weapon against the Doctor – whaa? But River is on his side! Unless they mean that part where she tells him about him “causing this”, towards the end of the episode; where she almost does bring him down and makes him out to be evil?

8) Now that River’s birth has “actually happened”, will we not see her again in the future episodes, because her lifetime is backwards?

I was bored and hadn't Photoshopped anything properly since finishing my Graphics project...

And as the episode finishes at the climax, I am forced to burst out with laughter at the caption that follows. “The Doctor will be back in Let’s Kill Hitler”. Alright, so I am easily amused, but that made me chuckle. But anyway, I feel stupid and overwhelmingly unintelligent after the latest episode. It seems that so much isn’t making sense! Nonetheless, I shall be waiting in anticipation for the Doctor’s return after the holidays and update my music library with some Chameleon Circuit in the meantime ;D