Happy New Year 33AB!

“33 After Bellamy”. ;D

Matt Bellamy. What a don.

On the 9th June of the year 1978, the zetas brought us a glorious new born. He was named Matthew James, and grew up to be the best band leader of the 21st century (excluding Thom Yorke, ofc). On this day, he celebrates his 33rd year of rocking the world and causing people all over the planet to mispronounce (*mispwonounce) their ‘r’s. Those people are Musers, but naturally, I prefer to call them Megamusemaniacs. This man brings a whole new dimension to the music world, spawning a mania of catching “pwoper fish” and backwards-alphabet-ing and floccinauccinihillpilificating amongst his followers. Today is a very special day for us Musers. Today is the birthday of our God!

Happy biwthday fatteh Matteh!