Big Bro is watching. But no one’s watching him.

Hey guys guess what! Big Brother is back!

Hey guys guess what! I could not give a donkey’s arse about it.

Would George Orwell have approved of this bunch of idiots who willingly choose to “live” in a house filled with CCTV, having every aspect of their “life” there monitored? I put “life” in quotation marks, because clearly, most of the things that actually happen in said house are edited out from the TV airing, just so that they look like bigger goons, thus attracting more of an audience – though I still fail to grasp the concept of WHY people would want to watch a pair of twins and Kerry Katona making absolute brainfucks of themselves.

Haven’t people given up on BB yet? You would have thought that after three billion series of this freakshow, humanity would come to its senses and choose to change to another channel. The fact that the program has moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5 speaks for itself, really. Things like BB are worryingly close to reducing me to tears of despair; HAVEN’T PEOPLE GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO?

On a brighter note… You Me At Six have a new song! If you’ve an XFM/Radio 1 listener, you’re probably already familiar with Loverboy. Catchaaaaaaay.