Go with the Flo and her fiery mane!

Guys guys guys! I don’t know about you, but my heart has been craving Florence And the Machine as of late. It really seems as if after ‘Lungs’, Florence was actually swallowed forever by those plastic bushes she danced around in in Cosmic Love. But fear not, my fellow Machinists, because come late October, our hearts’ cravings will be satisfied! Christmas is coming early this year. “Ceremonials”, which is due to drop from the heavens on the 31st October, is set to have 12 tracks – two of which are now available to stream in full. I previously posted “What The Water Gave Me“, but as of yesterday, another brilliant track has been revealed and it goes by the name of “Shake It Out”. Don’t bother leaving this blog without giving it a listen!


And here is the Guardian’s first sneak peak review of it. I am genuinely so incredibly excited for “Ceremonials” to join my album collection! True, Flo has been set the ridiculously difficult task of producing an album that could outshine its older sibling; however, after hearing these two songs, I have no doubt whatsoever that this album will exceed our expectations. Go Flo! Shake it out.

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