Jack White – ‘Blunderbuss’

Happy Record Store Day, chums! This is an exciting day for all real music fans as they fly down in herds to local independent record stores to snap up a few specially released, limited exclusives by all sorts of artists: from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Sex Pistols right through to the Vaccines. I only wish there was an independent record store near to where I live, as I can never make the best use of this fantastic opportunity!

Jack White – ‘Blunderbuss’    [Third Man Records]

Anomnom rating: 10 /11


source: Amazon.co.uk

But, that aside, I am also really quite excited about the upcoming release of Jack White’s debut album! Well, debut solo album. ‘Blunderbuss‘ is due to land here on the 23rd April and is available to pre-order now. However… I promise you, this only gets better. The whole album is, for a limited time only, available to stream in its entirety from iTunes for completely free! (Click on the link).

‘Blunderbuss’ truly does this man justice, as it fulfills all our expectations of catchy riffs, sharp rhythms, crafty lyrics, bluesy piano, smoother ballady type tracks and signature croaky vocals. Mr White has achieved so much in his musical life already; this album is really just the icing on the cake in terms of his career. It seems that anything Jack does will be regarded no less than perfect – and with good reason! An already sold-out tour is to follow the release of ‘Blunderbuss‘, which I guess speaks for itself. He’s playing two London shows on the 21-22 June and will also feature during Radio 1s Hackney Weekend – so if you own some tickets to any of those, consider yourself one of the luckiest people right now. I am unfathomably jealous of you.

Check out the new single for “Sixteen Saltines”, which features some peculiar people exhibiting some peculiar actions, such as pouring petrol over a car with a certain genius trapped inside…

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